”Strength In Numbers” – Printers Profit Through Sourcing Excellence!

Formed in August of 1998, Independent Printers Worldwide (IPW) is a national group purchasing organization specializing in superior vendor programs for independent printers.  With 332 members throughout North America, IPW members sell over $3.8 billion annually in print and communications solutions.  Core areas for IPW are strategic sourcing (paper programs, small packaging, LTL shipping, inks and coatings, prepress suppliers & equipment, digital & wide format solutions, service & equipment programs, and label converter programs) superior supplier management and spend analysis.  These foundational strategies and 26 years of proven success have created a lifeline for independent printers under assault by industry consolidation and change.  IPW started in 1998 primarily serving commercial printers, but has expanded to folding carton, wide format, digital, envelope manufacturing, and has partnered with FLAG since 2010.  IPW is well situated to serve the ever-evolving graphic arts manufacturing industry.


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How It Works:

  • We handle reporting from suppliers
  • National account managers for all major suppliers
  • Top level technical service
  • Confidential model
  • Group volume based incentives
  • The more you move, the more you earn

Opportunities For Savings:

  • Paper: Mill & Merchant
  • Inks & Coatings
  • Prepress Plates
  • Merchant Services
  • Press & Capital Equipment
  • Pressroom Supplies
  • Shipping

“IPW provides significant buying group savings for our Membership. IPW Members maintain their independence and capitalize on the strength of the group, while providing new growth opportunities for our IPW Vendor Partners”

– Dan Bendele, CEO and Founder