"I've never written a check. I buy stuff and I collect checks. There is no downside!"


Michigan Printer


 "...this is the single biggest game changer I have ever been a part of..."


Wisconsin IPW Member



 "...we have received tremendous value as an IPW Member and would highly recommend this program to any print manufacturer."


North Carolina IPW Member



Providing superb procurement solutions for over a decade has firmly established a strong and unparalleled foundation allowing IPW Communications to now provide comprehensive sales and marketing solutions to the Fortune 1000.  As a single independent printer, I am excited about the ability to participate in this global initiative. 


Brad Stiers  



IPW serves as my “in-house” Vice President of Procurement.  This frees up my time to focus on operational strategies that improve effectiveness and efficiency.  When I need extraordinary support from an IPW preferred supplier, I get immediate action and advice I can trust.  Over the past dozen years, I have encouraged countless IPW Procurement Coordinators to unleash the power and presence of IPW in their own shop. 


Wes Ball



When I joined IPW twelve years ago as a charter member, I was looking for the one ingredient to success that had remained elusive to the independent printer – that one thing was purchasing leverage!  Through my involvement with Independent Printers Worldwide, my company has enjoyed the leverage of a $3 billion printing company this past decade.  This ability to bring parity in the ability to compete with the Top 10 has unleashed the creative talent of my team to focus on what we do best – bring unparalleled communications solutions to my local, regional and national customers.  Now, with the prospects of joining the global selling arm of IPW Communications, my regional company can compete and win business that was reserved for the giants! 

Michael Marcian



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