IPW Procurement Solutions

Providing Cost Leadership to the Independent Printer

For more than twelve years Independent Printers Worldwide (IPW) has provided the Independent Printer with a means to prosper in the highly competitive print industry. Before IPW’s inception in 1998, the independent printer often struggled to obtain a competitive advantage against large multi-plant printing companies. Now IPW’s independent printer members have achieved a cost leadership that rivals those of the largest procurement programs in the printing and graphic communications industry by leveraging the strength of our North American procurement network.

IPW members enjoy highly competitive pricing and group volume/growth incentives through the National Group Purchasing Agreements negotiated by IPW with the industry's premier mills, manufacturers and distributors.

National Group Purchasing Agreements

IPW members can benefit from agreements in two ways (1) Preferred Mill/Manufacturer Agreements and (2) Preferred Merchants/Distributor Agreement. Our supply chain provides flexibility, cost leadership and reliability. All of our preferred suppliers promote the environment through environmentally certified products and programs.

IPW’s agreements include the following commodities:

  • Paper – Coated Free Sheet, Uncoated Free Sheet and Coated Board. Web and Sheet.
  • Freight – Small Package, LTL, Domestic, International
  • Ink – Conventional, UV, Heatset, Low VOC, Soy, and others.
  • Plates & Pre-Press Supplies – Conventional, Thermal, Digital, Workflow Systems and others.
  • Pressroom Consumables – Fountain Solutions, Blanket Washes, De-greasers, Low VOC, and others.
  • Equipment – Digital, Offset, Web, Finishing, Mailroom, and others.
  • Software & Services– Technical Consulting, HR Solutions, Recycling Services, ERP/Print Manufacturing Systems  and others.

Best Practice: IPW Members receive the best value when the use our two-tiered incentive agreements to purchase from IPW preferred mills/manufacturers through IPW preferred merchants/distributors.



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