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As success travels quickly, many new IPW members are taking the Platinum Elite pledge.  The program dynamics are unique in that as membership and corresponding procurement volumes grow, the bonus pool grows exponentially.  Strict confidentiality throughout the process gives suppliers the latitude they need to reward our new level of supplier and brand loyalty.  For this Executive Summary, I wanted to share a few personal comments and testimonies direct from IPW Platinum Elite members. Peer endorsements fuel momentum and excitement as the word quickly spreads.

Certainly IPW’s strategic alignment to the NetPrint group of paper merchants is critical to the momentum and success of our IPW Platinum Elite program and process.  As an IPW Platinum Elite (PE) partner, NetPrint merchants (Lindenmeyr Munroe, Mac Papers, Midland, Millcraft, Spicers Paper, and Olmstead-Kirk) have been extremely successful in converting IPW Platinum Elite members to a supply chain model where the NetPrint merchant in their region supplies the vast majority of their paper.  In the first full year of this program, NetPrint grew 44% with IPW PE members.  

When coupled with IPW PE mill programs, the incentives are greatly increased for PE members who combine the right merchant with the right mills.

IPW PE Members are enjoying not only the additional financial benefits of PE participation with paper, but also the world-class solutions, products, and performance in all areas of spend.  Plates, pressroom consumables, freight and small parcel shipments, capital equipment, and other spend categories have IPW Platinum Elite Suppliers who have stepped up to help IPW PE members stay competitive within the markets they serve.



 Graphic Visual Solutions, Greensboro, NC

“After multiple rounds of testing the AGFA plates, the results shocked us in that they exceeded the exceptional performance we had always enjoyed as a 15 year customer of our previous supplier.  We experienced quicker rollup, less scratching, improved ink and water balance, significant reductions of picture framing and back cylinder buildup, sharper printing (less dot gain) and much longer plate life on our HUV press.  Achieving superior performance while reducing costs made this a no-brainer decision.  The actual changeover went very, very well actually accomplishing it in one day.  Agfa’s team was very impressive and worked hard to make it smooth and successful.  So far, only positive comments from both prepress and the pressroom.  We are very happy.  Agfa has stepped up to the table and I challenge all members to do the same.  All IPW members who are considering changing their plates to Agfa are welcome to call me at 336-292-4000 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”

-Bryan Hall, President, Graphic Visual Solutions


Consolidated Press, Seattle, WA

“Our first quarterly IPW Platinum Elite bonus incentive topped $10,000 and got our immediate attention.  The key Platinum Elite programs including Verso, Sappi, Domtar, Agfa/Pitman, UPS and Prisco are more than doubling our standard quarterly incentives.  Now, with the addition of Spicers Paper, our Platinum opportunity is looking great!”

-Gary Stone, CEO


Baker Printing, Baton Rouge, LA

“Spearheaded by MAC Papers and Verso coated papers, the IPW Platinum Elite programs have brought a new sense of procurement leverage and competitive ability to my Baton Rouge and New Orleans market.  IPW continues to bring new solutions that out-pace industry supplier consolidation and turmoil!”

-Andy Bishop, President


O’Neil Printing, Phoenix, AZ

“We were very excited that with the inclusion of Spicers Paper into the IPW Platinum Elite program for the western region, our bonus incentive topped $14,000 last quarter!  We are indeed proud of our long- standing partnership with IPW dating back to 2002!”

-Anthony Narducci, President


Delzer, Waukesha, WI

“Our Platinum Elite paper duo of Lindenmeyr and Verso are giving Delzer the quality and responsiveness we need to compete in our highly-charged greater Milwaukee market.  We are excited that NetPrint is a major player in the IPW Platinum Elite bonus incentive program!”

-Tim Weske, VP Operations


Taylor Printing Group, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

“We are very pleased that IPW Platinum Elite is reaching all the way up north to Taylor Printing Group here in New Brunswick, Canada.  The Agfa prepress solutions are fantastic and are giving us a great springboard to increase Platinum Elite bonuses next quarter and well into the future!”

-Scott Williams, Owner


The Sauers Group, Inc., Atlanta, GA

“Our conversions to Agfa and Verso under the Platinum Elite program are the perfect fit here at Sauers.  Along with ink, coatings, and the Platinum Elite UPS programs, a company our size can now save even more and be buying like the Top 10!”

-Rick Sauers, President/CEO


IPW Board Member

“As someone that has been engaged with IPW for over a decade & a Board Member, I am very pleased with the successful launch of our Platinum Elite strategy.  The direct feedback from several Platinum Elite suppliers confirms that our strict use of confidentiality throughout the process was critical.  Now, as the Platinum Elite bonus pool is broadened with new members and with strategic new vendor programs, IPW is meeting the challenge of competing with the Leaders in the industry.”

-Ken Winterhalter, President, Twin Rivers Paper Company, past President, Unisource 




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