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Formed in August of 1998, Independent Printers Worldwide, Inc. (IPW) is a privately owned corporation founded by Dan Bendele as a global procurement and selling group specializing in superior supplier programs and global print sales opportunities for independent printers. At the time of our founding, the printing industry was reeling under tremendous change. Consolidation was running rampant and the traditional family printing business was threatened as no previous time in modern history.



IPW founder and current President/CEO, Dan Bendele, recognized this threat and made his first dramatic move as an industry change agent. Dan’s industry and supply chain experience coupled with his cutting-edge leadership and innovative approach to problem solving; solidified Dan’s vision for Independent Printers Worldwide. His industry positions with Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies also paved the way for future strategic moves. In one executive assignment, Dan served a major company that had grown primarily through acquisition. Their acquisition model created a dysfunctional procurement operation with eighteen separate strategies and methods. Dan was able to successfully incorporate these separate units into one cohesive, unified Procurement Operation. This documented success became the genesis for IPW and the strategy of creating a “life-line” for the independent printers that were under assault by industry forces. From day one, IPW identified three core areas that would guide our mission and strategic operations:


  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Management
  • Spend Analysis


IPW has established a key partnership with the Flexo Label and Advantage Group (FLAG).  John Mckay, the President & CEO of FLAG, has over 30 years of industry experience.  FLAG's 103 members currently share common programs with IPW.


IPW addition of Keith Kirk as Chief Operating officers in early 2014 brings IPW yet another executive with over 30 years of experience in strategic procurement contracts.  Keith spent the last five years implementing all of Consolidated Graphics agreements as Vice President of Procurement.  He was very successful in getting 70 CGX independent locations to work very effectively. 


Ken Winterhalter, IPW Board Member, past President of Twin Rivers Paper Company, & past President of Unisource, brings IPW tremendous supplier perspective as we work to create win/win agreements that help IPW members compete with the top ten printers in the world. 


Our vision has been and remains to unite independently owned printing companies who want to act as one without losing their entrepreneurial freedom for the purpose of improving operating efficiencies, sharing best practices and reducing procurement costs, thus protecting their ability to remain independent and go to market-cost competitively.  IPW has implemented our vision by leveraging buying power of our growing base of members as well as securing growth-incentive based purchasing contracts with industry leading vendors.  Our members recieve high volume discounts and volume growth cash incentives that previously only large consolidators enjoyed. IPW also links members to members to help improve their process integrity and speed to adopt new technologies.  By joining forces together in non-competitive quality circles/peer groups, the IPW members are setting industry leading standards for quality, service, and process efficiency that are mutually beneficial to all IPW members.  Convinced that peer groups represent an industry best practice, IPW has, in place, a key executive to facilitate and manage peer groups with funding provided by IPW preferred suppliers.



These foundational strategies and resulting proven success now bring purchasing leverage and prominence to entrepreneurial independent printers. Since its inception, IPW has grown to serve 274 members in 45 states, 5 provinces in Canada and Barbados, at over 296 locations.  With the addition of FLAG's 103 members, the IPW and FLAG joint membership exceeds 377 members and now represents over $4 Billion in print.



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